Elden Ring Web Tools

by negator13

This is app version 1.8.0, current as of as of Patch 1.08.


Updated for Patch 1.08.
1.8.0: Updated weapon damage values for patch 1.08 (notably, Axe weapon class buffs)

Build Planner

Choose a Starting Class and plan your character's stats, arms, and armor at the level you're aiming for.

Starting Class Optimizer

Instantly calculate the most efficient Starting Class for your build.

AR Calculator

View detailed base damage, scaling and other attributes for any weapon, tuned to your build.

Weapon Search

Search and filter weapons by stat requirements, weapon class, affinity, or upgrade level, and sort by damage, weight, scaling, and more.

Armor Search

Search and filter armor by equip slot, minimum Poise or maximum Weight, and sort by attributes as well as Poise:Weight and Defense:Weight ratios.

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